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Mi Shebeirach

A Mi Shebeirach is a public prayer or blessing offered on behalf of someone who is ill, injured, recovering, or otherwise in need. It is typically offered in synagogue during the weekly Shabbat service, while the Torah is being read.
The words Mi Shebeirach mean “the one who blessed,” and the prayer asks the one who blessed our ancestors to provide spiritual and physical healing for those in need. We express our hope that God's presence will be with the person in need; that they receive strength and comfort; that those who are providing them care are endowed with insight, skill, and compassion; and that they and their family feel cared for and supported during this time.
Click here to read the Mi Shebeirach prayer in English and a transliteration of Hebrew.
Each Shabbat, we offer a blessing for those who are on the Mi Shebeirach list. If you have a friend or loved one you would like to include, please call the Temple office or fill out the form below.
We will keep the person’s name on the Mi Shebeirach list for 30 days, or until you or the person in need makes a request to have their name removed from the list.

Please fill out the form below to add yourself or someone else to the Mi Shebeirach list. To make changes to the existing list, please contact the Rabbinic Assistant at (520) 327-4501, or via email by clicking here

I would like to make a donation in honor of the speedy recovery of my loved one (Note: Please choose "Donation" from the dropdown menu)



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