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Congregation OVitality, Integrity & Drive
COVID challenges every facet of our personal and institutional lives, and no less so than our spiritual efforts to adapt to the unprecedented distancing in our daily experiences.  But adapt we can and adapt we will.  Not just temporarily.  But also in reshaping our vision to give new meaning to continuity and continued vitality to an age-old quest for righteousness.
Through it all we are and will remain a Congregation OVitality, Integrity & Drive.  We welcome you to draw near to us and to one another — intellectually, socially and/or worshipfully.  

Shabbat Services for our Community

When the busy week comes to an end, join us on Shabbat and experience the gifts of restoration, gratitude, and soulful self-exploration. With music that will open your heart, poetic words of prayer that will inspire your spirit, and insightful teachings that will challenge your mind and soul.
Friday Evenings
Shabbat Gathering
On Zoom (click here to register) ♦ 6:15 p.m.
Gather with us for social time before services. Catch up with friends. Catch up with friends of our legacy congregation and wish them a hearty Shabbat Shalom.
Campfire Shabbat
On the Or Chadash Patio ♦ 6:30 p.m.
A casual, musical, family friendly service with Cantor Cohen. In person (click here to register) or join on Zoom (click here to register) or Facebook here.
Shabbat Celebration
In the Temple Emanu-El Sanctuary ♦ 6:30 p.m.
Engage in the ultimate self-care experience. Relaxation, reflection, song, prayer, and piano accompaniment. In person (click here to register) or join on Zoom (click here to register).
Saturday Mornings
Engagement with the Weekly Parashah
On Zoom ♦ 8:30 a.m.
Every week a member of our community prepares an in-depth and personal presentation of the week’s Torah portion. Join us as you find wisdom from our most ancient scripture. Please email Kilian for information.
Shabbat Morning Service
In the Temple Emanu-El Sanctuary or the Schlanger Chapel ♦ 10:00 a.m.
This service features a blend of traditional and contemporary music and prayer. Join us for your spiritual and intellectually stimulating Shabbat service.
In person (click here to register) or join on Zoom (click here to register) or Facebook here.
Un-hosted Virtual Kiddush Lunch
On Zoom (click here) ♦ after Shabbat services.
Another opportunity to meet new friends (and greet old ones). Share stories of the past week and how you will be spending Shabbat.

Register for Shabbat

By registering here, you will receive weekly emails containing Zoom information for Gatherings & Greetings, Shabbat Paths (Friday Evening), Engagement with the Weekly Parashah (Torah Study), and Saturday Morning Worship & Drash. There is no registration needed for the Virtual Kiddush Lunch, simply click here to join the Zoom meeting. Looking to register for Saturday Tot Shabbat? click here

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