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Listen-Shape-Share Presentation

Help Shape Our New Congregation!

Dear Congregants of Temple Emanu-El,


Creating a plan for a brand-new congregation is not a task to be taken lightly. That is why the next step in preparing a plan of what a new congregation might look like is critical. Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El are in the process of creating a phase called "Listen – Shape – Share."


It is now the time to form focus groups to LISTEN to as many of our congregants of both institutions where you can tell us your best times, the not so great times, and what you think the future has the potential to be. These focus groups will be conducted with a facilitator and a scribe in a zoom meet-up. What is heard will then be SHAPED and SHARED with other joint Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El committees to create the vision, innovation and critical parts for a new congregation plan.


The 6-10 member focus groups will include different categories of people ranging from friend groups, parents, empty nesters, youth, seniors, not so regular service attenders and more. We need you, your voices, and/or your volunteer time to serve as a facilitator or scribe (training will be provided). Please contact Libby Quinn, Temple Emanu-El representative, if you want to be a facilitator, a scribe or a participant in a focus group. The Listen – Shape – Share phase will take place start on June 22.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Libby Quinn



Hey Bev!

Hey Libby!

Hey Bev, I was wondering what you are looking for in a new congregation?

I’m looking for new ways to experience my Judaism. What are you looking for, Libby?

Well, I’d love to see more communication and a bigger community.

What are you looking for?

Hello, I’m Elaine Jones and I am president at Congregation Or Chadash and what I would like for our new congregation is to have renewed energy, renewed inspiration to live our Jewish lives according to Jewish values, and to not only find new ways of doing things that will support Jewish life, but also to have the resources to do things in the wider community that represent our Jewish values, especially Tikkum Olam. Thank you.

I want our new congregation to be one in which there are more people, more talent, more energy, and more fun.

What I would like to see in a new Jewish congregation in Tucson is the joy and excitement that comes from reform Judaism for both family and friends.

What I would like to see in a new congregation is a stronger connection to our Jewish heritage, to our Jewish identity, and to raise human beings who are mensches.

I’m looking to forging new connections and maintaining the old ones as we pass through the many milestones of our lives, both joyous and sad, in our new congregation. I want my child to look at this new congregation as a second home and I hope you all will be able to look at it that way too.

Hi everyone, if you were going to ask me what my dream congregation would be, it would be a community that loves to sing and loves to praise God together, and when our mouths open, our voices rise to the very rafters of the synagogue in joy.

Hi, I’m Scott Arden, president of Temple Emanu- El. What I wish for in our new congregation is for each and every member to be able to experience Judaism in a way that’s meaningful to him or her. What is it that drives you, what is it that motivates you to relate to a Jewish community and to feel as if you’re part of something bigger? I would like to see us all actively designing our future to that goal.

We’d love to listen to your stories and hear you share what you’d like to see in our future together.

Please contact Beverly Sandock or, myself, Libby Quinn, to join our listen shape and share focus groups.

Fri, October 22 2021 16 Cheshvan 5782