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Drash for Shabbat Chukat-Balak 

07/03/2020 05:20:45 PM


by Sydney Ruskin

In this week's double portion, Chukat-Balak, the people of Israel arrive in the wilderness of Zin after wandering through the desert for 40 years. Here is where Miriam dies, and God tells Moses to speak to a rock and command it to give water. Moses strikes the rock and water comes fourth and God tells him that neither he nor Aaron will enter the Promised Land.

The Moabite king, Balak, has now seen that the...

Drash for Shabbat Chukat

06/26/2020 05:20:43 PM


by Louise Greenfield  

Parashat Chukat is about change and transition. The generation that left Egypt as slaves wandered with years of successes and disappointments, in loyalty and in rebellion, experiencing hardship and manna -- they have grown old.

The succeeding generation, unlike their parents, did not experience the indecency, cruelty, and hopelessness of slavery. They are the generation poised to enter the promised land....Read more...

Drash for Shabbat Korach

06/19/2020 05:20:39 PM


by Fran Haggerty

I find it absolutely amazing that every time I do a drash, it is pertinent to the current situation. So Korach, who is the son of Izhar, son of Kohath, son of Levi rose up against Moses and Aaron. Moses declared “you have gone too far, sons of Levi!”

Conflict, change, the search for spirit, peace, meaning, and balance appear to be the theme of this parsha. Growth looks like destruction, and the changes...Read more...

Drash for Shabbat Sh’lach L’cha 

06/12/2020 05:20:06 PM


by Lauren Glassey

In this week’s parashah, Sh’lach L’cha, on the command of G-d, Moses sends a chieftain from each of the ancestral tribes to scout the land of Canaan. Moses tasked the scouts to survey the terrain and natural resources, as well as observe the inhabitants and towns to determine their strengths. They brought back reports of plentiful resources. The scouts also reported the inhabitants to be well fortified and much...Read more...

Drash for Shabbat Beha’alotcha 

06/05/2020 05:20:35 PM


by Eliss Schrimer Erly

Clouds, Plagues and Black Lives Matter

There are times when it seems hard to connect a Torah reading with what is going on in the modern world. When I started reading the description of the purification of the Levites, I was concerned that Beha’alotcha was going to be one of those readings. However, as it turns out, I could not have been more mistaken.

Over the past week, Tucson has been...

Drash for Shabbat Nasso 

05/29/2020 05:20:42 PM


by Norma Cohen

Picture more than two million Israelites, men, women and children, on their way to the Promised Land, not only navigating through a vast wilderness but also trying to maintain the relatively newfound proper worship of God at the same time. How to maintain the purity of this assemblage? That is the focus of the Book of Numbers. Nasso, the second parashah, contains many elements of this purity. It concerns itself with the...Read more...

Drash for Shabbat Bamidbar 

05/22/2020 05:20:51 PM


by Dr. Eliyanah Powers

The parashah Bamidbar is the beginning of the book of Numbers. It continues the story of Exodus and occurs 13 months after the exodus from Egypt. Leviticus has interrupted this narrative, with its descriptions of legal precedents and priestly obligations.

Exodus ended with erection of the Tabernacle; Numbers begins one month later with the taking of the census, with instructions on how to use those...Read more...

Drash for Shabbat Behar-Bechukotai 

05/15/2020 05:20:20 PM


by Carol Blatter

This is a double portion in the Torah. B’har begins when the Eternal One, God, spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and tells him to say the following to the Israelite people: When you enter the land that I assign to you, the land shall observe a Sabbath of the Eternal (Leviticus 25:1-2). The portion continues with a discussion of the need for letting the fields lay unattended every seven years to give the fields rest and...Read more...

Drash for Shabbat Emor 

05/08/2020 05:20:47 PM


by Sharon & Art Geiger

(This Drash was originally presented on May 1, 2015, Erev Sharon’s Bat Mitzvah. Two modifications were made to account for the passage of time.) Emor, as with the rest of Leviticus, is a list of commandments. The rules are divided into sections –priests, holidays, and penalties for committing “crimes.” So what are these commandments? Let me summarize. 

Kohanim (Priests) must be male, of...
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