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August, 2018 Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Temple Board Meeting        August 22, 2018          11 Elul, 5778

Board members present:   Bette Sayre, Bonnie Golden, Brie Finegold, Cary Marmis, Gretchen Brittain, Harold Blatter, Jason Feld, Jeff Rein, Laura Kravec, Libby Quinn, Martin Reichgott, Mona Gibson, Norma Cohen, Sallie Tofel, Scott Arden, and Seth Ruskin  

Board members absent:    Corinne Forti, Jerry Cohen, Jill Rich, Simon Rosenblatt, and Steve Shawl

Staff present:  Rabbi Appel

Guests present: Ruth Rosenstein

  1.  Call to Order by Mona Gibson at 6:11 pm and the board thanked Mona for dinner.   

D’var Torah about Moses receiving the Laws and procedures prior to the people being allowed into Israel.  This is the next generation.  Many mitzvah are discussed. 

  1. Guest comments (6:14 pm) Ruth Rosenstein inquired about HHD honors with the answer of they are still being assigned and distributed. 
  2. President Mona Gibson report (6:15 pm) this is the one year anniversary of the situation and on Monday we received information that the claimant has stopped pursuing the case. 

Marketing strategy is to start small with the first concert next week.  We have had disappointing advertising by our TE communications.  Please come if you are able.  Question if a single purpose email can still be sent at this late date. 

Transition seems to be a positive feeling at services.  Dinner after services is working well.  This seems to be a positive direction for Temple. 

A philanthropic group, Smith and Dale, will start meeting with us to develop a plan for the future.

Board phone calls to members list will be distributed.  It will have a suggested script attached for your convenience.

  1.  Rabbi Appel (6:25 pm) sounded the shofar as this is the 12 of Elul. 

Rabbi visited mikva with 13 people to be converted prior to HHD. 

Marjorie is back and lay led services created so issues.  Had both positive and negative feedback.  It has fortified the ritual committee. 

The Elul retreat occurred.  Selichot service is next week. 

Rabbi David Wolfman will be assisting for HHD. 
Ian Kalman purchased a stained glass window and we want the unveiling to be a philanthropic event. 

Lay led services are a work in progress.  The feedback has been mixed.  It has allowed for the discussion of service times.  There will be lay led services at 7:30 when there is an early service.  It was offered to simply do an online survey for opinions.  And remember, per the task force, we are trying new things and will keep communicating. 

  1.  Retreat - (6:44 pm) Scott Arden started by suggesting potential retreat dates of Oct 7, 21, or 28.  Oct 21 seems to be best even though Donna is unavailable.  Date to be determined.
  2. Financial Report (6:48 pm) Scott Arden said that the cash balance currently looks good, however there looks to be a declining trend. 

The ECE continues to be look good.

Dues do need a calling selected campaign.

Donations are on target with estimates.

TEMDO is still anemic at 11k

LOC has an almost 0 balance.

Question of when the lock box in the office is checked with the understanding that it is daily.  There seems to be some evidence that checks are not being deposited as timely as they should. 

Annual meeting follow-up on financial still is not done but Scott is still working on it. 

BOTH project will better show money going in and out.  It is still a work in progress and is taking longer than expected. 

In general, we are currently spending more than we are bring in. 

The financial task force identified cost saving measures.  Lots of systems and data were reviewed however it is not currently active.  There is still a desire to clean up more accounts.  Two areas of concern are individual member bills and the financial health. 

Billing and credit accuracy is question.  Staff appears maxed out.  BOTH was a target for improvement but we might (or should) add resources until then. 

Donna Beyer has reduced the LOC by 35k while not lowering the cash on hand.  We are doing well on paper. 

There is some confusion when comparing financial reports compared to past months. 

Endowments have some question about what are the costs and expenses.  It is probably time to have someone from JCF to present to the board.  There is a desire to have the JCF statements reviewed by the board. 

FY18 budget 70k received / added to the budget

                       74K expected in FY19 budget

P&L v actual seems to show gross profit is positive 11k and expenses are negative 14k so we have 25k positive to the budget.  This is a great way to start FY19.

The ECE shows positive to the budget.  We need to be better at collecting our expected income. 

We need to control our dues collectable YTD. 

AP is 19k – the best it has looked in a while. 

  1.  Temple at a glance was distributed.  Donna is absent.  There were questions about how she determines pending resignation and if it carries over year to year. 
  2. Secretary Seth Ruskin (7:49 pm) makes a motion to approve the July minutes.  Second by Bonnie Golden.  Approved by all with 1 abstain.
  3. Membership (7:49 pm) Mona for Corinne – see report and please attend the dinner if you are able. 
  4. BOTH (7:50) Jerry Cohen has spearheaded an enormous project that is still a work in progress.
  5. Religious School (7:51 pm) see distributed report from Abby Limmer.  Desire to reduce flyer paperwork by using remind and Facebook communication.
  1. Membership directory (7:51 pm) Sallie Tofel said that the mark-ups have started with a distribution of prior to Yom Kippur.
  2. Good and Welfare
    1. Brie Finegold now has a working hot water heater.
    2. Mona’s son is still working at Chipotle as well as continuing at U of A.
    3. Laura’s missing cat has been found.
    4. Jason said that Sara is now a 2L – second year of law school.
    5. Jeff said that St Elizabeth community health care is looking for physician volunteers.
    6. Gretchen’s daughter in law just turned 40.
    7. Libby said that her daughter Nora was accepted as a docent jr. at the desert museum. 
  1. Adjourn at 8:03 pm
Sun, August 18 2019 17 Av 5779