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April, 2018 Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Temple Board Meeting        April 25, 2018      10 Iyyar, 5778


Board members present:   Bonnie Golden, Cary Marmis ,  Gretchen Brittain, Harold Blatter, Jason Feld, Jeff Rein, Jerry Cohen,  Jill Rich, Laura Kravec,  Mona Gibson, Norma Cohen, Sallie Tofel, Scott Arden, Seth Ruskin , Simon Rosenblatt, and Steve Shawl

Board members absent:    Amalia Jones, Corinne Forti, and Todd Zashin

Staff present: Donna Beyer, Lyn Henry, and Rabbi Appel

Guests present: Carol Blatter

  1.  Call to Order by Mona Gibson at 6:09 pm.   
  2. D’var Torah (6:10 pm) by Harold Blatter about the expectation to be holy, being told what to be versus being told how to do and function.  Holiness is a daily struggle.  Should one be separate to be holy?  Then should one separate from the community to be holy.  The quest for the answer is as important as the question. 
  3. (6:15 pm) Mona thanked Carol and Harold Blatter for dinner. 
  4. Guest comments (6:15 pm) Carol Blatter said that she was happy to be here. 
  5. President Mona Gibson’s report (6:15 pm) we met last Monday for the study session and thanked all for their hard work.  Our leadership has been unwaveringly strong and been very dedicated to task.  Mona thanked all who showed and supported Temple at the Israel 70 event. 
  6. Rabbi Appel’s report (6:18 pm) Rabbi was on the Morning Blend (KGUN 9) twice and more to come.  Did the invocation for the board of supervisors.  Has met with students and with the other rabbi’s in the community.  Held a tish, baby naming, hiked, worked on the calendar and website, and got RS registration out.  In the near future is the adult b- mitzvah, RS and ECE graduation, J-city planning for next year, Lag B’Omer combined with Or Chadash, and met with Rina Leibenskind to discuss merging some youth programming. 
  1.  EXEC SESSION 6:24 pm – 7:53 pm
  1. Fundraiser (8:03 pm) Jill Rich has 140 people signed up.  Looking currently at 17k net and then the auction.  Please bring in auction items.  Jill has spent an incredible amount of time and energy on the project. 
  1. (8:07 pm) Resolution for the board regarding the Nogales Cemetery Fund – See attached.   Motion offered by Simon Rosenblatt and seconded by Jason Feld.  Question as to why the funds are not included in the Temple JCF funds with the answer that they were nor originally set up there.  Motion approved by all with no dissent.
  1. (8:11 pm) Motion to approve the March 2018 board minutes was offered by Laura Kravec and seconded by Steve Shawl.  Discussion to add the names of the Think Tank members.  The change to the minutes was accepted and the motion was approved by all with Simon Rosenblatt obtaining. 
  1. Directory (8:13 pm) Sallie Tofel said that the project is moving along.  Still working on the cover art.  Suggestion for the future to have a RS or ECE art contest. 
  1. Nominating committee (8:16 pm) Bonnie Golden said that a report will be distributed to the congregation Thursday of Friday with the slate.  The committee is chaired by Bonnie Golden with Gretchen Brittan, Seth Ruskin, Norma Cohen, David Kravec, Jane Schlamowitz, and Rabbi Appel as attending.  See attached draft of the report. 
  1. BOTH (8:23 pm) Jerry Cohen said that a statement of work has been agreed upon for all parties.  Making progress with Schulcloud and Quickbooks.  Or Chadish has expressed interest and Anshi is still on board.  Per Donna Beyer, Schulcloud is being tested now.  Schulcloud is moving forward with the website migration. 
  1. Finance (8:29 pm) Scott Arden thanked all who made report more legible.  March ending cash balance is 48k, much better than years past.  Expect JCF to distribute some funds to us which will be put into LOC or TEMDO.  ECE room increase largely accounts for our profitability.  Please notice that the AP now shows auto payments that are made.  Bank and merchant fees are up.  It will e investigated based on the timing of ASA.  The net ordinary income is -22k but is better than the budgeted -60k.  Workers comp seems to be missing from the estimate.  Member dues are still unfavorable to the budget.  AP aging summary shows that money still continues to pay down the balance. 
  1. Budget (8:52 pm) Scott Arden – see attached summary- shows a current gap of 86l.  There are more variables this year like membership and potential competition. 

The questions asked were if membership does are realistic,  if using donor funds is acceptable, is event fund over estimated (current is 16k with budgeted 60k,)  is membership dues average estimated based on current trends, and is AP is 61k, can we pay back bank LOC? 

Need to confirm COBRA reimbursement is in the revenue and expenses,  current Bilgray reimbursement is zero, what are the URJ dues (Jerry Cohen will negotiate) and the gas bill budget is zero – this seems unrealistic.   

Proposals for organizational structure – the Think tank recommended a rabbi and a RS director.  This will require about 50-60k increase in expense with additional un-estimated administrative costs. 

Second recommendation is for a lifelong learning coordinator or director of Jewish learning.  Lyn Henry is ready for a new challenge.  This would incorporate learning and education.  As she already known many of the people and staff, it is expected by Lyn to be an easy transition and does not feel that this would put the ECE at risk.  Idea is not to remove Lyn from the ECE but to transition her to additional duties assuming the RS and AEA.  Basically to set up systems in the RS and AEA like have been done in ECE.  It would be a gradual transition.  It is suggested that the transition start with the RS.  Eventually would not be the AEA chair, but more of a liaison. 

The director of Life Long Learning needs to be a specific job and have a job description that defines what percentage of time is spent on each portion.  It needs details. 

By a straw poll, board is in favor of proceeding with the budget.  The budget has about 19k available, Mona suggests adding about 20k for increased ECE administrative responsibilities. 

Jason Feld makes a motion that the board not go out for a senior rabbi search this year.  Motion is seconded by Steve Shawl.  Vote is 12 in favor, 1 oppose, and no abstain. 

  1.  Good and welfare (10:42 pm)
    1. Laura Kravec invited all to Cinco de Maya adult b-Mitzvah.
    2. Simon Rosenblatt said that the 2018 class at the Debbie Friedman school of Rabbinic study are all women.   
    3. Bonnie Golden said that the music of the Shoah concert was wonderful.
    4. Jason Feld gave kudos and respect to Scott Arden and Laura Kravec as younger board members who are stepping up into leadership rolls. 
    5. Mona Gibson reminded all about the fundraiser then concert coming Sunday.
  2. Adjourn at 10:47 pm
Sun, August 18 2019 17 Av 5779