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February, 2018 Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Temple Board Minutes February 21, 2018

PRESENT:  Bonnie Golden, Mona Gibson, Simon Rosenblatt, Jill Rich, Jerry Cohen, Jason Feld, Sallie Tofel, Cary Marmis, Norma Cohen, Laura Kravec, Scott Arden, Gretchen Brittain,

BOARD MEMBERS ON THE PHONE:  Seth Ruskin, Steve Shawl

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT:  Jeff Rein, Corinne Forti, Todd Zashin

STAFF PRESENT:  Rabbi Appel, Donna Beyer, Lyn Henry

Guests:  Alan Herman, Rick Sours, Ruth Reiter, John Robertson, Joe Millstone, Jeff Bickart, Jesse Davis, Sue Brish, Keena Powers (Eliana Devereau)

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by President Mona Gibson.

There were no guest comments.

President’s report:  Mona reported on several meetings she had attended including the Adult Education Committee, Men’s Club, a meeting of Committee Chairs, the synagogue president’s group at Bet Shalom, and the Federation Synagogue Dialogue.  She talked about the February 16th decision by the Ethics Committee of the CCAR, the email that was subsequently sent out by Temple, and the good support she has received. The Think Tank Transition Team is continuing to meet and will have proposals for the Temple Board.  There will be other focus groups so that more congregants can be part of planning for Temple’s future.

Jill Rich reported on a fundraiser to honor Rabbi Richard Safran who is loved by all and has been here for many years.  It will be Sunday April 29th for brunch with a silent auction.  Rabbi Safran is very touched that we want to honor him.  Discussion included the suggestion of writing another Torah and giving it to a synagogue that needs one or giving a Torah that we refurbish.  Rabbi Appel would like us to look at the possibilities of writing a Torah scroll.  Sallie suggested that kicking off writing a Torah could be done at Shavuot.  Since timing is short, doing a fundraiser around a Torah may have to wait.  Jill hopes the fundraiser honoring Rabbi Safran will net between $18,000 and $20,000.  Mona will help.

Rabbi’s Report:  Rabbi Appel talked about Purim, the Great Matzah Bake, school registration for next year, and Pesach.  She asked people to call or visit Ian Kalman who is at Handmaker.  She thanked everyone for the incredible support that she and her family received following her brother’s death.  Rabbi said it was incredibly heartfelt, touching and greatly appreciated.

Finance:  Scott Arden reported that cash has not been sufficient to pay everything that we had hoped to pay, but that we hoped to see that improve shortly.  Even though cash is tight, we are in a much better position that last year at the same time.  We may need help with calling members for dues if they are in arrears.  We need to increase donations, fundraising, and continue with dues collections.  Financial Roadmap:  Accountability-no errors, financial checklist (on target, Donna will have in place), Error free member billing-the BOTH initiative will help with the move to ShulCloud, and Cost Management-the budget process is progressing, including a budget calendar.  There will be a review of the total roll-up budget at the March Board Meeting.   We are setting very realistic targets.  We will be voting on the budget at the April Board meeting. We will also be looking at the Think Tank proposals (when they are presented) to see how they may impact the FY19 budget, and may make adjustments.

Executive Director:  Donna reported on Temple at a Glance, the Rodeo Shabbat cookout, personnel changes in the office (Palmer took a full time job teaching), and dues.  She will be sending out call sheets for some of the dues in arrears.

The minutes from the January Board Meeting were unanimously approved as distributed by Simon Rosenblatt, seconded by Jason Feld.

Member Directory:  Sallie Tofel gave an update on the directory.  Volunteers are handling it.  They have received about 240 responses to date.  The majority of responses were online! A snail mail letter and form will go out soon.

Nominating Committee:  Bonnie Golden reported that she has received some nominees, but is requesting additional nominations.

BOTH project:  Jerry Cohen reported that the project is inching forward. The by-laws of ASA have been approved by both congregations.  ASA is a non-profit.  A draft document for the Association for Synagogue Administration (ASA), prepared by Laura Kravec, will be given to the synagogues for review.  The next stage for Temple is to move to ShulCloud and to upgrade our accounting to a new version of Quickbooks. 

Rabbi Appel reported that the deadline for moving our website from URJ is April 28, 2018.  URJ is changing platforms.  She has quotes for moving the website from URJ to ShulCloud, and also wants to move the calendar to ShulCloud.

Short-term Transition: Mona reported on the short-term transition, supporting the Think Tank, and the organizational structure for the future. We continue to try to make things work to accomplish what needs to be dones.  There will be focus groups soon so that congregants can talk about what they want for our synagogue.  Rabbi Appel and Marjorie Hochberg have done a fabulous, professional job during this period.

Think Tank:  Jason and Bonnie reported that the Think Tank has had two meetings, with one more scheduled.  There are subcommittees working on different topics, and each has reached out to many congregants for additional input. Discussion has been both qualitative (what I love/hate) and quantitative (SWOT; levels and priorities; where we need to go and why). The last meeting is March 11th and will discuss organizational structure going forward. Their recommendations will be summarized and presented to the Board on March 28th.

Mona commented that she loves the energy and passion coming out of the Think Tank.  After the Board gets their recommendations, it will be up to the Board to decide how to move forward.  Scott commented that goals and actions should be result of Think Tank.

Good and Welfare:  Scott-Denial at the JCC; Norma-Women’s Seder, Miriam’s Cup awarded to Rabbi Appel; Simon-Fri Mar 30th service 30 minutes; Bonnie-Downtown Shabbat hamish, lovely musical service.

The meeting was adjourned to executive session at 8:03 pm>

Sun, August 18 2019 17 Av 5779