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October 24, 2019 - Ambassadors' Report

11/20/2019 10:28:45 AM


In last week’s report, the Ambassadors explained the national and local trends weakening synagogue affiliation. This resulting decrease in membership places a financial burden on our congregations and limits the services and programming we are able to provide.

However, Or Chadash and Temple have a history of sharing core values, sharing in the vision of Reform Judaism and sharing a love of worship, music, youth engagement and social...Read more...

October 14, 2019 - Ambassadors' Report

11/20/2019 10:27:20 AM


At our last Ambassadors meeting, held on the evening after Yom Kippur, we discussed some of the common questions raised by our congregants both in group meetings and on an individual basis. One such theme was the concern regarding whether it was necessary for our congregations to begin this conversation in the first place. When we began down this road, we researched both national and local trends. We also spoke to lay leaders of congregations...Read more...

October 1, 2019 - Ambassadors' Report

11/20/2019 10:25:42 AM


One of our efforts to offer joint programming for Congregation Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El was the Second Day Rosh Hashanah services. Rabbi Louchheim and Rabbi Appel led services together. Many congregants from Or Chadash joined Temple in services on Tuesday, and all together we were nearly 100 individuals sharing in a wonderful experience. Several of the Ambassadors were able to attend services, and we enjoyed being a part of the...Read more...

October 2019 - Ambassadors' Progress Report

11/20/2019 10:24:07 AM


Temple Emanu-El and Or Chadash Ambassadors’ Progress Report – October 2019 Edition


The Ambassadors of Congregation Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El met in early September and are on a brief hiatus till after Yom Kippur.   At the last meeting we discussed our communication strategy, working to provide information to our congregations in writing on both a weekly and monthly basis.  At this time, all of...Read more...

September 10, 2019 - Ambassadors' Progress Report

11/20/2019 10:21:23 AM


Ambassadors’ Progress Report

The Ambassadors are leaders from both Temple Emanu-El Tucson and Congregation Or Chadash charged with considering how we might benefit from joining together, to carefully consider what would be involved in such a process and to communicate with our Boards and with our congregants about our conversations and activities. The Ambassadors from Temple Emanu-El are Scott Arden, Mona Gibson, Steve Tofel, Joe...Read more...

August 27, 2019 - Ambassadors' Progress Report

11/20/2019 10:19:21 AM


Ambassadors’ Progress Report

The leadership of Congregation Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El are dedicated to providing clear communication on the talks between our congregations. We have a delegation from each synagogue to discuss current issues and future opportunities. This group, now informally called the Ambassadors, has been meeting twice per month to review collaborative efforts and to consider further topics of mutual...Read more...

June 27, 2019 - Letter to Congregants

11/20/2019 10:16:13 AM


Dear Congregants,

We hope that this letter finds you in good health and cheer as the summer of 2019 begins. We are writing to share news that affects Temple Emanu-El and the wider Jewish community.

Rabbi Batsheva Appel informed us of her decision not to seek renewal of her contract with Temple Emanu-El, which is set to expire on June 30, 2020.

We've met this unexpected news with respect and a sense of loss. We are...Read more...

Task Force Reports: Introduction

11/03/2019 10:57:47 AM




In early 2019, the Boards of Directors of Congregation Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El initiated discussions between representatives of each congregation (“Ambassadors”) to consider a possible future together under two scenarios:

1....

March 18, 2019 - Letter to Congregants

11/03/2019 07:17:58 AM


Dear Congregants,

Congregation Or Chadash and Temple Emanu-El have realized for the past few years that we have an opportunity to explore combined strengths.  Recently, we have begun considering how each congregation may benefit from collaborative efforts in providing education and spiritual programs. 

In recent years, most synagogues in the Tucson area (and nationwide) have experienced decreasing membership and...Read more...

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