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Alan B. Herman, Director

Alan's family came to Tucson in 1952 from Buffalo and became involved at Temple Emanu-El. His mother worked in the office and the school with Jane Kurn. He had his Bar Mitzvah in the Schlanger Chapel in 1957.

Alan's father also helped out in any way he could. Alan's undergraduate degree was a BS in Zoology from the University of Minnesota. He then pursued a career in a medical laboratory. Wanting a career change, he earned a MS in Speech Pathology at the University of Wisconsin. This enabled him to work in an adult care-center with stroke patients.

Alan returned to Tucson in 2000 to help his aging mother. He again joined Temple Emanu-El and began to sing in the Adult choir and learned to chant Torah. Alan is honored to be on the Board and to listen to the proceedings and offer his opinion when asked.

Wed, March 3 2021 19 Adar 5781